Mickie Marshall-Jacoby – Bio

Mickie Marshall-Jacoby has lived in the Hopewell area since 2004. She is a multi-talented artist who in the past has worked in precious metals, stained glass, and photography, in addition to ceramics. She merges those past experiences to create new visions of form and glaze in her pottery. Working from her home, she creates pieces in the Raku style, such as pots decorated with horse hair, as well as high fire functional stoneware and porcelain pottery and sculpture. Mickie has shown her work at RVCC gallery, the festival at Tinicum State Park, Art in the Garden at Paxon Hill, River Fest, Rutgers NJ festival, Ithaca festival and various shops in the north east. In addition she has studied ceramics with notable ceramic artist such as Steven Hill, Richard Aerni, Lisa Naples, and Jennifer McCurdy. .

Artist Statement

My ceramic work is defined directly by a love for whimsy and bright colors. I frequently find inspirations from objects from nature that informs my sculptures and functional pots. A feeling of intimacy is achieved by knowing that people using my work will be placing their hands on the same spot where I placed my hands in the process of making. The relationship between function, form, and ornamentation is what gives balance between utility and beauty in my work